7 Exercises to Keep Your Feet Strong- Jan 2023- #4 Excercise Is The Best In Pain Relief

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7 Exercises to Keep Your Feet Strong

7 Exercises to Keep Your Feet Strong the  Foot problems can arise due to a number of reasons. That is why it is necessary to follow some kind of workout that will strengthen the toes and the ankles both. Feet related issues are quite common among runners or athletes as they need to participate in different kinds of competitions. You can also use heated foot spa to correct it, but  if you are one of them and facing a lot of pain or discomfort in your feet while doing any activity, here are some of the exercises that you can follow.

So let us take a quick look at the 7 different exercises which are ideal for your feet.

Exercises To Keep Your Feet Strong in 2023


This is definitely a very effective exercise wherein all your focus is on the feet/ Many times the runners face problem in their lower leg but with clamshell you can put an end to all your worries. For clamshell, just lie down on your side and bring your knees together at 90 degree angle. Now start moving the upper knee away and then bringing it back. Do at least 15 sets in one time and then repeat.

Toe Taps

One of the simplest of all exercises is the toe tap. Just sit on a chair and relax yourself. Now keep tapping your toes for some time and follow the same for the other one. It gives you a good feeling and helpful for toe pain or any kind of sprain.


This exercise is helpful for your ankles and ensures that muscles strengthen. For this just stand on a step first and then separate your feet in such a way that one is one the edge of the step and other away from it. Now step down slowly and stay there for around 30 seconds.

Seated stretch

Another way of stretching is the seated one which is too a good exercise. Relax yourself on a chair and sit back crossing your legs. Now hold your feet with one hand and pull the fingers with another till you get a feeling of stretched.

Band exercise

Next thing that you can try is the band exercise which is really effective. There are different kinds of band exercises for your foot which are definitely helpful in making your feet strong.

Balance trainer

This is yet another exercise which is solely for the purpose to strengthen the feet and try balancing the same. The balance trainer is definitely a decent choice and make a difference to the overall strength of your feet.

Toe curling 

Last one is the toe curling which is simple and can be done at any time. Just move your toe in a circular way and then in the other direction. It gives a lot of comfort and helps to keep the toe muscles strong.

Additional Tip :

Although I have been constantly saying that there is no match for exercise and it’s one of the best solution to make your foot strong, but you can also consider using conair foot spa, which is by far, one of the best company to produce foot spa which are not just reliable but also have top notch reviews and satisfied customers.

Final Verdict on Exercises to Keep Your Feet Strong

So these are the 7 exercises which are meant for your feet. As these exercises are easy you can try them without any problem. But make sure you take proper care of the instructions as how these exercises need to be done because a slight ignorance can put the pressure on wrong organ of your body and can have severe effect on your body or muscles. If you follow them correctly you will definitely be able to reach the target.

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