Best Massage Chairs In 2023- NO 3 Is the Top Rated Product

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Best Massage Chairs

A best massage chair is a category that has gained popularity in the last decade. Before this category, most of us depended on different products to manage our massage needs. The introduction of this product has provided a new way to meet the massage needs of people.

According to Wikipedia, Massage Chair was first designed in 1954 by Nobuo Fujimoto. With the passage of time, they become fashionable and increased there functionality which helped them in gaining market popularity as well affordability.

Best Massage Chairs in 2023 Reviewed

Below is the list of our best massage chairs collection which we have finalised after doing the market research for Apr. 2023

Premium Dynamic Target Spot KAHUNA Massage Chair® LM-7000 – [Premium Massage Chair]

Premium Dynamic Target Spot kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000


  • Four completely automatic functions.
  • L-Track system to ensure greater amount of massage in the buttocks, necks and back area.
  • Maximum of Thirty minutes and a minimum of five minutes with a quiet and smooth massage.
  • Three levels of massage with customizable pressure for air bags, customizable speed and width of the roller.
  • Remote controlled operations with customizable reclining positions.
  • Fix spot massage and full body massage available.
  • Built in speakers into the chair.



  • FDA Approved
  • Number of different adjustments.
  • Plug point for Smartphones.



  • Not comfortable for a big person.
  • Difficult to assemble.

Ultimate Massage Experience – Best 3D Kahuna Massage Chair LM-8800S Red – [Great Massage Chair]

Ultimate Massage Experience - Best 3D Kahuna Massage Chair LM-8800S


  • Ergonomic chair design.
  • Eight Different programming options.
  • Eight degrees of reclining.
  • Technology that scans the entire body.
  • LED based remote control.
  • In Built Speakers.
  • Removable cover for the feet.



  • Powerful massage.
  • Strong rollers for the back and the feet.



  • Arms length too small
  • Chair is very heavy

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C- Black – [Best Shiatsu Massage Chair]



  • Roller mechanism to deliver a shiatsu style massage.
  • Combination of Percussion and compression systems.
  • Thirty inbuilt air bags.
  • Built in heating element.
  • Massage System for the neck.



  • High -quality massage system.
  • Excellent recliner



  • Some products stopped working after a few days.
  • Control pad was faulty in some products.

Space-Saving Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga & Heating Therapy (Brown WG) – Best Massage Chair

Space-Saving Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga & Heating Therapy (Brown WG)

If you love the idea of having a massage recliner in your living room, but you simply cannot bear the sight of a massage chair that does not resonate with the aesthetics of a living room’s furniture, Kahuna’s LM6800 full body recliner and massage chair is absolutely for you.

We are used to getting good massage stuff from Kahuna and their massage chairs are no doubt the most highly sold massage chairs on Amazon and that is for more than one good reasons. Let us get to the pros and cons and technical detail of this fully body massage chair to see as to you really need it or not.



  • Choose any auto program and set a timer to that – up to 30 minutes
  • Zero gravity recliner to enjoy a better flow of blood to your brain
  • Detachable and washable footer area with dual foot rollers to offer you a wholesome foot massage.



  • Missed the thigh massage – not much of a full body massage
  • Lack of support in the neck area – strain and fatigue.


So these were some pros and cons that we were able to notice and as it always happens, there are the customers of this chair who noticed the same positive and negative qualities just like us.

What people appreciate the most about this chair, and what we also noticed in our observation and testing of this recliner and massage chair, is that this chair offers not 1 or 2 but 6 different programs that make it easy for you to enjoy holistic massage as well as massage concentrated to a certain part of your body e.g. lambar.

Here are some of the salient features that attract the customers of massage recliners to this awesome massage chair:

6 Massage Auto Programs

As it has been explained, there are 6 auto programs to choose from and while you are at them, you can set a 30 minutes timer to any of the programs and enjoy a stress relieving and calming massage of that particular area.

  • Shoulder Air Bag Massage
  • Heating Therapy for Lower Back
  • Arm-Well Air Bag Massage
  • Air Bag Massage for Calves
  • Heating Therapy for Calves
  • Dual Foot Roller for a Food Massage

Zero Gravity

The massage chair market is rife with zero-gravity massage chairs, but the reality is that not all of them offer the body posture that can be considered zero-gravity.

Kahuna LM6800 is one of the few truly zero gravity massage chairs with a level where legs are positioned higher than the body and the head and as a result; a better flow of blood is achieved. Zero gravity posture lets the body disperse the abnormal pressure and thus helps in relief from stress.

Durable & Heavy Furniture

Considering the price of massage chairs, that varies from chair to chair, it is easy to understand that it is a kind of considerably big investment in a furniture item that no one wants to lose any soon after buying.

Well, Kahuna LM6800 is a heavy massage recliner with 249 pounds weight, so rest assured that it is durable and it is not going

Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair with New SL Track and 6 Rollers

Kahuna SM-73000 massage chair by Kahuna Chair is not just another ordinary massage chair. This massage chair takes care of your daily fatigue and takes care of the cliché “rest assured” for you.

This massage chair comes with six rollers and not less than 9 auto massage programs and manual massage programs as well. Highly comfortable and relaxing upholstering of this massage chair has got 6 rollers to take care of all the stress points in your body and to give a very calming and relieving massage.



  • The lower back heating system is really good for lumbar pain.
  • 9 auto massage programs to take care of all muscle strain and stress points.
  • Zero-gravity positioning is a very important feature that allows better blood-flow to brain since legs are in a position higher than the heart.



  • It is expensive even for a full body massage chair
  • The heating therapy is only limited to the lumbar.


Now that we have got a little bit of idea, let us talk in detail about this full-body massage chair and see why on Amazon it has got such great reviews.

9 Auto Massage Programs

Since this massage chair is a full body massage, it comes with full coverage of almost all important body parts and to accomplish it, it has 9 auto-massage programs. Here is a list of them and let us see how they make your day just another day on the beach.

  • Yoga Stretching – this program is focused on light stretching and losing to warm up your muscles
  • Fast Recovery – use of sports massage therapy to fast recovery of the affected muscles.
  • Pain Relief – this is program is specially focused on the pain relief and it does so with help of multiple techniques to relieve muscle aches.
  • Relaxation – a soft and gentle massage to take away from you the day long stress, fatigue and tiredness.
  • Athlete – if sores and tensions have become the reality of your sports life, try this massage chair at the end of a challenging game and see how it cures your body.
  • Office Person – working on a tight deadline and focusing on computer screen, you often have to compromise over your neck and shoulder – relieve them on the end of the day with a thorough office massage.
  • Golfer – one of the special auto programs made to address the lumbar, hips and legs of a regular golfer.
  • Senior Mode – enjoy a senior citizen’s life with a gentle and comforting all body massage and fall in a sweet slumber.
  • Dynamic Sport – this special auto program is devised to give you the energy and calm to enjoy a fresh start and stay active all day long.

Apart from these massage programs, there are certain other features that make this chair a perfect pick. For example, it comes with 6 rollers and those too have acupoint bumps to maximize the comfort and the impact of the massage.

This chair comes with triple hip airbags to provide comfort to your hipbone; likewise the dual air-cells inflate and provide comfort to calves in order to provide you maximum stress relief from head to feet.

Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

If you are tired of those economic massage chairs that look like legit massage chairs, but do not offer full body massage, and if you want to have an electric full body massage chair without breaking bank, Shiatsu full body electric massage chair might be one of the best available choices.

This massage chair comes with a full recline option that ensures better blood-flow to the brain and with more than 30 airbags, it takes care of each and every nook and corner of your body, to ensure that you enjoy a holistic and all-inclusive body massage.



  • Comes with three extensive programs to provide comfort to your body: Recovery, Extend and Relax
  • Latest recliner and massage chair technology makes the chair conform to the shape of your backbone
  • Message heads designed to target stress relieving points on your neck



  • Customers report that “it breaks down”
  • Rollers tend to lose the track

Well, this was the bird eye view of this product; let us go deeper and see how it works. As per our personal experience, this is a good product for its value.

Ultra-Long Range Massage

With power rollers used in the back of this recliner and massage machine, you can have an ultra-long range massage because they go up to the neck beyond the cervical vertebrae and they roll down to the tailbone section. This wholesome massage is not what most of the massage and recline chairs offer: let alone one at this price.

Built-in Heat System

Heat is a known agent that helps calm the stressed and fatigued nerves as well as muscles. This recliner and full body massage chair comes with a heating feature that allows the customers to warm their body with a few touches on the control.

Full Recline Option

It offers some sort of zero-gravity function with which you can enjoy full recline posture with your legs higher than heart and with a better flow of blood to your brain. For this reason, it is one of the best massage chairs, for its value. The full recline option does not only boost your blood-flow, but it also lets you rest your lumbar with a support specially contoured for it.

Massage Programs

Lest you forget, this is not just another massage chair, but it is full body massage and fully electronic chair. This means that with help of a display, you can choose the sort of remedy or massage you want.

You may channelize the rollers to a specific area of your backbone or other parts, or you may choose a holistic program. The massage programs that comes with chair include recovery program; extend program and relax program. First one is focused on the recovery a specific body part, second one is an extensive or all-inclusive massage program, while the third one is just to help you relax your tensed and tired nerves and muscles and they too help to speed up the recovery after a muscle injury.

All in all, this is a chair that seems to be good value for the money you spend over it. Yet, there are customers who had bad experience with it and most of them say that it is not just as durable as a massage chair is supposed to be.

Review of Volito Instant Revive Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Human Touch

After a daylong hectic work and the continuously nagging strain in neck and backbone, all a person can wish is to sink deeper into a recliner and let their aching body find some solace as they play some music or favourite movie.


A recliner is at best a recliner and it does not address the muscle strain and physical fatigue that you have been through all over the day. This is where a massage chair comes to rescue.

A massage chair comes with a motor and different motions to help you calm and restore the muscles and vertebrae to a relaxed condition. And this is what this review is all about.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of this chair and why it is called “instant revive” massage chair.



  • Stress-free zero gravity position to enjoy better blood-flow and instant relieve from pain and stress
  • Very nice looking and comfortable leather seat
  • Three physical therapy auto-programs: fully back, shoulder and low back.



  • A very flat seat posture makes it less comfortable and some customers had to use folded blankets or cushions to avoid fatigue
  • Apart from hard and flat seat design, the rollers used for back massage also do not echo with natural shape of vertebrae.


Let us immerse into this detail and see how good the zero-gravity claims are, made by the maker of this chair: Human Touch. The people who liked this product and gave positive reviews, definitely did for more than one good reason.

Here are some of the salient features of the chair for which it is too famous among recliner and massage chair customers and enthusiasts.

Human Touch

The company’s name is definitely bent on warmth and affection. However, this is not limited to the name. They claim that their recliner has the touch of licensed massage therapist and since a human touch is always appreciated, it comes with designer leather seat and armrests that fully contoured and padded.

This means that it is not just a “functional” massage chair, but an awesome addition to the living room as well.

Zero-Gravity Option with FlexGlide Massage Engine

The FlexGlide motor that comes with this chair is not only comparatively silent, but it also does the wonder of offering you the zero gravity reclining posture that makes it easy for the massage rollers to work and relieve the stress off your nerves and muscles.

The Zero-G position instantly improves your blood-flow, while your feet and head come to a balanced posture and the rollers in the seat and back provide you excessive massage on your back.


Why do we need a Zero-Gravity posture option? Here is the answer to this. The main benefits of this zero-gravity system include, but are not limited to, post-surgery recovery aid, speedy and relaxing recovery, restoration of the original posture of your vertebrae, relieved muscle and nerves stress and tension, expanded lung capacity due to better blood flow, improved breathing and recovery from fatigue etc.

David Marcarian, President, Precision Biometrics and a NASA-trained expert of ergonomics, mentions how a dynamic test was conducted with stick-on electrodes placed on the lower lumbar muscles of the subject testing the chair, and the results showed that muscles were no longer under duress and no stress was visible.

Three Physical Therapy Options – Full Back, Shoulder and Lower-back

This zero-gravity massage chair does not only elevate your feet from the heart and thus increase the blood-flow, but it also comes with not 1 or 2, but 3 massage and physical therapy options. Let us talk about this options in a little detail:

Full Back

Those who have been into would admit it that even if someone’s pocket is thin and they cannot afford a full-body massage chair, at least a full-back massage is something that has to be in a massage chair. This is something which no massage chair junkie will ever compromise over.


The nerves and muscles that come together in the neck actually have a deep link with the shoulders. If your shoulders are under duress, so will be your neck. Ask this from savvy backpackers and they will confirm how shoulders play an important role in stress built-up or relief. Volito Instant Revive massage chair covers a complete shoulder massage.

Lower Back

The lower-back pain is an everyday situation of urban life. Especially those who have to lift heavy loads or even a backpack on their back, can tell you how at the end of day when they fall into the bed, it is hard for them to address the waves of pain and duress gathering in that area. Human Touch Volito massage chair takes care of the lower back massage with its calming and relaxing rollers.


Full back, shoulder and lower-back massage options are not the end. Volito zero-gravity massage experience covers many other parts of the body as well as important functions. Let us have a look.


The best neck massage and therapy is covered in this immersive zero-gravity massage chair’s healing and therapeutic experience. Since a lot of nerves and muscles make neck a junction of stress, pressure and anxiety, it is very crucial for a massage chair to have a neck massage option that offers the user an imminent relieve from all muscle and nerve stress.

Calf and Feet Massage

The back calf on a leg is another stress magnet. Especially in case where you have to walk a lot for your daily commute or for sports, the stress in this part makes it difficult to walk anymore. The contoured and padded foot and leg rest massages the calf as well as the feet.

Removal of Headrest

For those of you who would love to enjoy the complete blood flow restoration to brain, you have the option to remove the headrest and let your head rest on the flat surface of this massage recliner.

Remote Control –

The fully functional remote control, rich with many functions, allows you to enjoy the massage in three different styles. First one is Auto-Programs, and this option is basically about choosing one out of three therapeutic modes – Full Back, Shoulder, Low Back. Then comes Dual Motors, this mode is to help you with independent adjustment of your back and legs rest. Third and last that one can find in the bottom of the screen is Targeted Muscle Benefits. You can use this option for a deep healing at a core level.

FAQ on Best Massage Chairs

Here are the answers of some of the most important and frequently asked questions to help you have an idea of the quality that you can expect from this massage chair.

Is this a full body massage chair?

No, it is not. The full body massage chairs offered by the same brand cost more than double the price of this message chair.

Do I have to assemble the chair?

No, this chair is shipped fully assembled so all you have to do is actually enjoy a somewhat plug and play comfort, massage and therapy.

What are the dimensions of this massage chair?

Well, the dimensions of the chair are as per the posture. Upright is 45”L, 28”W and 46”H and reclined is 64”L, 28”W and 33”H.

Does leg massage includes the bottom of feet too?

No, it only includes the calves of leg and feet.

What the material used to upholster this chair?

It is caramel color vinyl material with adequate resistance to wear and tear.

Our Verdict

Although the pros and cons given in the beginning of the review are enough to show what we believe about this massage chair, here is our final verdict based on all positive and negative aspects and reviews.

For a person who is bent on money, but who appreciates aesthetic looks of the chair and the quality of NOT FULL BODY massage that it offers, it is definitely a steal. Chair offers you to massage feet and leg calves, neck, shoulder, backbone and lower back separately, and it is fully automatic. It comes in one piece so you do not have to worry to assemble it. The biggest plus point is the zero-gravity instant revive that improves the blood flow and naturally heals the vertebrae.


On down side of this chair, comes the biggest issue that it is not full body massage chair. However, you should understand that the full body massage chairs are most expensive and the price can be 3x the price of this chair. Also, people who have used it complain of very flat and uneasy back, and that the rollers do not echo with the natural shape of vertebrae. Thus they have to keep some cushion between their backbone and the chair, or to simply let the chair be a nice addition to furniture in their living rooms. Yet, most of the reviews are positive and it is a good value for the money that you spend.

Review of Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair

A lot of people who buy massage chairs complain of the lack of aesthetic approach in the built and shape of these chairs. The massage recliners are not made to resonate to the aesthetics of your lounge, but to give a proper body massage.


What if there were the massage chairs that could be used as valuable piece of furniture too and that conform to your aesthetic standards just like the rest of furniture at your home? Well, Shiatsu’s massage chair with curved long rail has the curve that you would not mind in your living room and that will take care of your aching body.



  • Made to massage skin surface and relieve fatigue and tiredness
  • Combined massage of kneading and taping to stimulate the muscles
  • Unique 3D surround sound to let you enjoy music and massage at the same time.



  • The turn on switch pad located at the side of massage chair is nothing short of a design flaw
  • Lower back and head areas are ignored.


There had to be a few cons side by side the pros that we noticed in this massage chair. Those who complain about this massage chair and from our own experience, the switch on and off pad located at the side of the massage chair is a big design flaw.

It is not easy to access and when you think, a massage chair is all about ease and comfort, so it is a sort of turn off for those who are bent on ease and comfort of s good massage chair.

Also, another design flaw is total lack of attention to the lower back and head area. Well, being a massage chair enthusiast, I can forgive a massage chair if it does not take care of head; but lower back or lumbar is an area that a product manufacturer does not dare to ignore if their product is supposed to provide sort of relief and ease to that area; e.g. massage chair, big haul hiking backpacks etc.


Enough for the limited cons, the pros of this product, especially one or two of them; are not found in most of other massage chairs. Let us take a bird eye view of them:

Skin Surface Massage

Most of the massage chairs that you see in the market are those that come with rollers; they are either too good for the job or painful, but this chair addresses the surface of skin and offers a calming massage to relieve stress and tension.

Stay in Touch While Massage

Having a custom made cell phone slot in the armrest makes it possible for you to stay social and connected while enjoying a relaxing massage.

3D Surround Sound System

A feature that almost all other big bucks massage chairs missed! You can enjoy 3D surround sound music of your choice while you are in this massage recliner, enjoying a stress and fatigue relieving massage after a day of hard work.


In short if you are a massage chair fan, but you want a mix of social life, music and relaxing, Shiatsu curved long rail massage chair is absolutely for you.

Esright Massage Recliner with 360 Degree Swivel Review – Black

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel (Black)

One of the important issues with massage recliner or chair is that it is an expensive piece of furniture and yet you cannot keep them in your lounge; because by the looks of it, it belongs more to a hair salon and less to one’s home.

Esright massage chair fixes this issue better than any other massage chair and anyone’s expectations. By appearance this looks like a good old recliner that you like to sit in while watching a Hollywood flick, but you learn it later that it is a fully functional massage chair.


This is not all that makes one click that Add to Cart button, here are the pros and cons of this recliner that you must consider before you go for buying it.



  • Soft, comfortable and durable PU material with enough padding to satisfy you as well as your aesthetic sense
  • 2 cup-holders on armrests and 4 storage bags to hold everything from cell phone to tablet computer to magazine etc.
  • 360 degrees swivel (that you won’t find in most of massage chairs) makes it a perfect fit for office



  • Cannot lock it in fully reclined position
  • Not much of a ‘bucket seat’

First thing first:

Talking of the pros of this recliner, let us go one by one and see what this chair is good for.

Well Padded Chair with PU Material

It is true that nothing replaces true leather, but then it takes the price sky high. PU is one of the best alternatives and this chair comes with PU material and lots of padding to make it easy for you to enjoy a massage while you are at it.

Usability Features

In terms of usability, it is perhaps one of the best living room recliners/massage chairs. It has got 2 cup holders and 4 storage bags to make sure that magazines, tablets, cell phones and popcorn cup; you can have all of them while enjoying a massage and watching a movie.

360 Degrees Swivel + 150 Degrees Recline

When you spend a lot of money on a high quality massage chair, you want it to include just as many functions as you may expect from a chair. Unfortunately, most of them do not offer 360 degrees swivel, so they cannot be used in offices.

This massage chair look like a movie night recliner and you can recline it to a level of 150 degrees, but you can also use it in your office, because it comes with a 360 degrees swivel option.


Everything is not so rosy about this massage chair and recliner. Customers who bought this chair, did not complain much, but they mentioned exactly what we noticed in our testing and observation of this chair.

  • This chair tends to fail at providing you the comfort that you expect from a cheap bucket seat in your car. This is not a bucket seat and you do not feel much welcomed.
  • You cannot stop this chair to the 150 degrees or less recline. There is no locking mechanism to stop it there.

Why Use Massage Chair?

A massage chair is a more convenient way to deliver a massage to any person. The product is now a part and parcel of many homes. A chair is one product that many people use to rest when they are at home. By adding the massage functionality, manufacturers have created a new product that combines different functionality under one roof. By using the massage chair; the product delivers pain relief to different parts of the body at one shot.  The most targeted are the back, and the lower limbs.

If you feel, you don’t need a massage chair and have a specific problem in your body such as neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain, checkout my best neck massager list then.

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Final Verdict on Best Massage Chairs in 2023

Although Premium & Best Massage Chairs are one of the best options for me to choose, due to there operational ability to massage whole body together. If you look on foot massagers, they are not designed for full body rather specific portion of your body, even the massage cushion serves a specific purpose but these best massage chairs are a full fledge body massager.


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