Best Massage Oils-#3 Is The Best Pain Reliefer-2023

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Best Massage Oils

Stress, anxiety, muscle tension, and fatigue:

These are the few words that you have to hear a lot. With the advent of latest technology and the jobs that we more often get in this age, muscle strain, tension, fatigue and anxiety are the everyday realities that we face SO THE Best Massage Oils is here for you

Best Massage Oils for 2023 Review

This is a review of the best massage oils for 2023, and in this review you will get to learn a lot about the top massage oils that you can find on Amazon. Apart from the review, you will read the buyer’s guide to learn how to choose a massage oil.

Banyan Botanicals Mahanarayan Oil -Best Massage Oils

Banyan Botanicals Mahanarayan Oil

Banyan Botanicals’ Mahanarayan oil is enriched with neem, musta and fennel. It is considered a perfect antidote to muscle and joints pains. There is something that you need to know about Banyan and other massage oils in this review; all of them are 100% organic and herbal.

Here’s our take on the pros and cons.


  • Best to Sooth Sore Muscles and Tendons.
  • Rejuvenates the Joints.
  • Antidote for Stress and Fatigue.
  • Very Effective Against Bursitis & Arthritis.


  • Not Very Effective Against Pain.
  • Bad Smell.


So this is an Ayurvedic oil and since it is all herbal, there are definitely certain downsides to it. Here is what we think about the cons of this product.

Not Very Effective Against Pain

As said above, this is an herbal treatment, so you cannot expect it to work like the same way Allopathic treatment does. It is not based on steroids, which, frankly speaking, most of the so-called Homeopathic and localized treatment systems heavily rely on – not to mention the Allopathic treatment.

So yeah, it is not very effective against pain – or let us rephrase it – it takes time to take effect and address the pain.

Bad Smell


This is a complaint with some truth to it. As explained earlier, most of the true Ayurveda medicine does not have artificial fragrances.

Because of this, not one or two but a considerable number of customers have reported a somewhat foul smell that disturbs them even after many hours.

This is it:

We’re done with the cons, and here is everything that you want to know about pros.

Best to Sooth Sore Muscles and Tendons

People with continuous muscle fatigue, pull and pain, and those who know how the hell breaks loose when a tendon gets pulled or sore, love this oil because it helps them a great deal.

Herbal contents of Banyan Mahanarayn oil help one sooth sore muscles and tendons. It does so by warming up and nourishing the tissues. With a little heat and deep penetrative contents, you feel an overall relief against normal wear and tear.

Rejuvenates the Joints

You’ll admit that:

People with arthritis or similar problems have the biggest complaints about their joints; once they stop functioning properly, you learn how big a blessing they were.


Even if your joints are malfunctioning and even though you have to hold them every time you move, this oil seems to be a fix that will rejuvenate your joints.

Apply Mahanarayan oil to your stiff and aching joints and see how it works.

Antidote for Stress and Fatigue

There is this thing about massage.

You do not necessarily need a massage or a massage oil only when you’re in pain or fatigue. You may also use it from time or time or daily to help you in your noble crusade against stress and fatigue.

From important nerve points to your spine to your muscles and joints, apply this massage oil anytime to relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Very Effective Against Bursitis and Arthritis

It has come to our knowledge by vetting and customer reviews that this massage oil has helped a lot of Bursitis and Arthritis patients against pain and discomfort.

While steroid shots and anti-inflammatory work in both of the cases, there are many side effects including immediate threat to heart and liver.

Regular massage of joints, especially knee cups and shoulders helps a lot in relieving pain, stiffness and other related issues.

SAAQIN Sweet Almond Oil

SAAQIN Sweet Almond Oil 

If you are aware of the characteristics and properties of almond oil, you will be interested to find out a sweet almond oil with a considerable number of positive reviews.

Here is our take on the sweet almond oil by SAAQIN; it can be used for various different purposes and in many different shapes.


  • Multipurpose – Use in Soap
  • Great Moisturizer
  • Rich with Oleic and Linoleic Fatty Acids
  • Best Carrier for Salt.


  • Shady Oil
  • Depends a Lot on Other Ingredients.



The cons are not very telling. So here we explain these cons and you’d learn whether they matter to you or not.

Shady Oil


To be honest, we cannot even call this a con. Either it a corrupt practice that renders this oil totally unworthy of business or it is something that only a few customers faced.

The problem, as stated by those customers, is that this product is not reliable. SAAQIN sold many different oils and all of them smelled and tasted like the same.

This means they are not selling almond oil or any other oil, but particularly a same, unidentifiable oil.


Since good reviews of this product outshine the bad ones, it is hard to believe it. Most likely, it is a random case of Amazon’s negligent shipping and a few unhappy customers.

Depends a Lot on Other Ingredients

As you would have noticed:

This product, in itself is not as good as it can be when you add it to other products or when you add some other ingredient to it.

Add it to your cold soap process and it will work even better. Add salt to this product and you will increase its effectiveness.

While there is nothing bad about this, it is safe to say that the product has only a very limited impact when used without other ingredients or processes.

And this is it about cons.

Here is what you need to know about the pros of this product.

Multipurpose – Use in Soap


This has been mentioned above; only this time we’re going to take it as a pro and explain why it is so good.

All of us know that soaps and perfumes are based on essential oils. What is an essential oil? Something that is based on some essential herb or natural ingredient.

Sweet almond oil, processed by SAAQIN, can be used in soap. There is a cold process soap making process (that you can Google); you can add 5% to maximum 10% of this oil to soap, and once soap is ready you can enjoy the moisturizing nature of it (which will be due to this oil).

Great Moisturizer

As explained above, the almond oil is a great moisturizer. The sweet almond oil made by SAAQIN is a great moisturizer.

You can use it in many different ways. Whether you use it in soap or you use it in full body massage, you equally enjoy the moisturizing qualities of this almond oil.

The extra virgin ingredient of this product, combined with almond oil, makes it not only something that smells good, but also something that moisturizes very well.

Apart from massaging needs, this property can help one use this oil to fight against dandruff and rough skin.

Rich with Oleic and Linoleic Fatty Acids

This oil is rich with oleic and linoleic fatty acids. Normally, fatty acids are not considered good, but these two work like a magic when it comes to LDL and many other sensitive health issues.

These Omega-6 and Omega-9 acids replace your saturated fats and lower your LDL levels. They considered best to fight high cholesterol levels.


How come massage can help these acids do their magic? This is almond oil is actually known for its highly penetrative qualities.

Once applied, these two elements boost the impact of sweet almond oil on any object or a body part demanding this massage.

Best Carrier of Sault

Salt scrub massage has been a very well-known massage to address problems like pain, dead and dry skin and over all skin and scalp problems.

The salt is always used with an oily carrier and you’d be happy to know that sweet almond oil is one of the best salt carriers.

Now Foods Now Solutions Apricot Kernel Oil

Now Foods Now Solutions Apricot Kernel Oil 

For those who want a really good moisturizing oil with many other benefits e.g. hair care, skin care and a real massage savvy combo, Now Foods’ Now Solutions Apricot Kernel Oil is the best gift.

Here is what we think of its pros and cons.


  • Softens Fine Lines
  • Moisturizes Dry Hair
  • Herbal Makeup Remover
  • Halal & 100% Herbal.


  • Problem for Sensitive Skin
  • Too Thick.


These cons would definitely not stop one from buying this massage oil, but people with specific concerns might have issues.

Here is the detail:

Problem for Sensitive Skin

A few customers have reported that this oil didn’t work well on their sensitive skin. The got common skin problems like redness or skin inflammation.


It is important to mention that not only this massage oil is 100% herbal, but skin issues were only faced by a very few people.

There are simply too many positive reviews to counter this argument; may be it is more about random people’s skin type and less about something problematic in the oil.

Too Thick


This oil gives off skin problems to many people; some of them have even reported a foul smell, but the problem that actually seems to be more important is its thickness.

Apparently there is nothing wrong with a thick oil, but people who know how massage works and how massage oil works, know this very well that a thick and hard to penetrate oil is not a good idea.

Your skin will not easily absorb it and you will end up with oily body even after hours – your bed linen and clothing would need a read good dry cleaning.

This is all about the cons; here’s our take on all of the pros.

Softens Fine Lines

Fine lines:

You might also know them by the term “expression lines”. These fine lines are what you get from childhood to young age, and when you grow old, they grow into wrinkles.

One of many benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil is that it helps fight against fine lines. With the passage of time it softens these lines, until they are completely removed.

Moisturizes Dry Hair

Since the basic purpose of this massage oil is to moisturize dead and dry skin, it is also used to rejuvenate dry scalp and dry hair.

Many women use it as hair moisturizer and there are many different ways of applying it. The best method is to apply the oil and deep scalp massage to help it penetrate the scalp.

Then wait for an hour and use a shampoo or a combo of a good herbal shampoo and conditioner.

Herbal Makeup Remover

Apart from using this massage oil to treat skin, scalp, hair and body aches/fatigue/pain, it can also be used an herbal and harmless makeup remover.

We know that make is made of chemicals and other ingredients. The inorganic and harmful ingredients are already enough to do damage, but then to remove the makeup, women use makeup remover based on chemicals.

Instead of that, use this herbal massage oil (as a few customers do).

Halal and 100% Herbal

Now Foods Now Solutions’ Apricot Kernel oil follows international standards that make it beyond doubt.

Here is a list of the standards it follows:

  • Halal Standard
  • Expeller Pressing Method
  • Hexane Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • 100% Herbal – nothing from animal’s fat or meat

Hobacare Pure Jojoba Oil

Hobacare Pure Jojoba Oil

What if:

There is a massage oil with 170+ positive reviews and an Amazon’s Choice tag? Won’t you like to try it?

Hobacare Pure Jojoba oil is a massage oil especially for skin, scalp and hair. Here is our take on pros and cons.


  • Restores the Elasticity of the Skin
  • Best for Moisturizing Dry Scalp and Hair
  • Exclusively Best for Sun Burnt Skin
  • Great Moisturizer for Dehydrated Skin.


  • Toxic in Certain Cases
  • Contact Dermatitis.


The cons need a little clarification, as it is always, let us take a look at the cons first.

Toxic in Certain Cases

Jojoba oil is not like many other oils; while it based on herbal extracts e.g. jojoba itself, it is not safe for oral use.

Even if by mistake you apply the oil to your lips or oral commissures (corners of your lips), and this oil makes its way to mouth and stomach, you must be ready for a mildly toxic reaction – which can be high in case big quantity is taken orally.

Likewise, applying the oil to any body cavity or genitals is not safe.

Contact Dermatitis

Some users have reported, although reviews on Amazon do not support this notion, that by using this Jojoba oil by HobaCare, they got contact dermatitis.

What is contact dermatitis? It is red and itchy skin with rashes. This might be because of combination of two oils – but it is still likely to happen.


Here is the detail about the pros.

Restores the Elasticity of the Skin

Jojoba oil is a known agent that helps with rejuvenating and increasing the elasticity of one’s skin. With the passage of time, the fine lines on your skin gets firmer and firmer, and your skin loses its elasticity.

In other words, it does not remain firm and tight anymore; continuous use of HobaCare Jojoba oil will fix it.

Best for Moisturizing Dry Scalp and Hair

The problem with a dehydrated or dry skin does not just remain confined to one’s face or body; know it or not, but your scalp is also a skin and equally affected by cold weather, dryness and dehydration.

In this situation, this oil comes to help and with daily use on scalp and hair, you see improvement, darker and healthier hair and a dandruff free scalp.

Best for Sun Burnt Skin

Bikers and hikers or nature lovers:

They are always at mercy of this or that element. Sometimes it is wind, sometimes it is rain and sometimes a hailstorm.


One of those that does the biggest damage to your skin is sun burn – followed by skin dried and destroyed by wind.

Daily use of this jojoba oil can keep your skin lively and provide immediate remedy against sun burn or wind damage.

Best Moisturizer for Dehydrated Skin

While we have covered this point earlier, it is worthy of being mentioned separately. Dry and dehydrated skin looks bad and gets worse if you do not take good care of it.

This jojoba oil from HobaCare, is enriched with 100% pure jojoba, and we know that one of the most important benefits or characteristics of jojoba oil is moisturizing.

It stimulates a sebum production – sebum that is so close to what your body makes, and with compensation for loss of sebum you get back the skin that you once had.

Sky Organics Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil by Sky Organics

Yes, another sweet almond oil and a great massage oil on amazon.

But, this time we bring to you a product that has got 1,100+ positive reviews. Here is our take on the pros and cons.


  • Cold Pressed for Better Quality
  • Rich in Oxidants, Proteins, Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins
  • Thin and Lightweight Oil for Better Penetration
  • Amazing Benefits for Skin.


  • Bad Smell
  • Considerably Sticky.

When you notice the cons, you see that one of them is pretty common in all massage oils in this review.

Let us dissect the cons first.

Bad Smell

This is one of the most common problems that you will find among all these oils on Amazon. The problem is that when you keep something 100% herbal (which means you do not add artificial fragrances), there is always a little smell.

Whether you use it for clients or personal use, your bed linen and body will equally have the smell.

Considerably Sticky

This is also one of the very common problems with oil. Personally, we believe that this oil cannot be too sticky. However, since it is a good carrier and good for a combination, may be some other oil in the combination is making it sticky.

This was it about cons; here is all the detail about pros.

Cold Pressed for Better Quality

Cold press is a method of pressing herbs, seeds and veggies to get their extracts in most pure manner. The nutrients of the pressed items are 100% preserved and confined within the liquid.

It is called cold-press, because it is done at very low temperature – why? To save aroma and nutrients. The process is applied through granite millstones or stainless steel press.

Rich in Oxidants, Proteins, Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins

Sky Organics sweet almond oil is special, because after cold pressing, it still contains all the rich oxidants, proteins, essential fatty acids and vitamins like A, B, D and E.

Thin and Lightweight Oil for Better Penetration

A massage oil must be thin and lightweight carrier for two important reasons: a) it easily penetrates through the human skin, and b) it can easily carry other ingredients e.g. salt or other oils.

This sweet almond oil is thus possessed of both qualities.

Amazing Benefits for Skin

Apart from working like a moisturizer and thus healing dry and dehydrated skin and scalp, this almond oil has following benefits:

  • Removes dark circles
  • Softens fine lines
  • Relief against skin rashes and hair loss
  • Rejuvenates nails and hair

Our Verdict on Best Massage Oils


Which of these 5 massage oils is the best?

Sky Organics Sweet Almond Massage Oil – because it easily penetrates your skin, it is possessed of great nutrients and many benefits and it is good carrier too so in my opinion, it’s the best organic massage oil.

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