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Best MCT Oils & Powders Review – Apr. 2020

Best MCT Oils & Powders Review
(Last Updated On: March 26, 2020)

Medium-chain triglyceride is actually abbreviated as MCT and is basically made up of medium-chain fatty acids. The chemical structure of MCT contains strings of carbon and hydrogen and these strings can be long, short or medium. The length of the chain depends on the number of carbon atoms present in it as short chain fats contain less than 6 carbons whereas 13-21 carbons are present in long-chain fatty acids. It is MCTs whose carbon atoms range from 6-12 thus forming string of medium length.  The three fatty acids which are categorized as MCTs are as follows:

  1. Caproic acid(also known as hexanoic acid )
  2. Caprylic acid(also known as octanoic acid)
  3. Capric acid(also known as decanoic acid)

Best Mct Oils Reviewed in 2020

Best MCT Oils and MCT Powders Reviewed for Apr. 2020

Bulletproof Brain Octane, 32 Ounce : [Best Mct Oil]

As brain octane is naturally available in minimal amounts in coconut oil so here we are providing you with the concentrated form of this energy. It will surely enhance your cognitive performance and will supply energy to your mental and physical health briskly. Make it a component of your routines and you will experience a downfall in your food cravings while obtaining an absolute satisfaction. It will also upgrade your performance level.



  • Odorless and tasteless
  • One can easily get used to it
  • Gives energy and focus
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Improves skin complexion and gives glow
  • Helps to retain memory.



  • Poor packaging
  • Gets spilled every time when poured
  • Quite expensive

Jarrow Formulas MCT Oil, Supports Brain and Muscles, 20 Fluid Ounce:



  • Maintains energy for whole day.
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • No side effects
  • Aids in losing weight
  • Not expensive
  • Provides you a restful feeling



  • Adversely affects digestive system when consumed too much.

Nature’s Way, Mct Oil from Cocunut:



  • Available at reasonable price.
  • Equipped with non-drip cap.
  • Easily gets mixed in liquids.
  • Perfect for keto diet
  • Can be mixed in salads as well.
  • Reduces hunger



  • Product description depicts that MCTs are present but do not specify their type.
  • Becomes solid when placed in refrigerator.

Onnit Mct Oil :



  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Makes you feel full for longer time
  • Energizes you for the whole day



  • Sometimes upsets stomach
  • After consumption, tongue feels like coated with it.

Twinlab MCT Fuel :



  1. Cures muscle cramps
  2. Gives energy
  3. Have no side effects
  4. Improves stamina



  • Its orange flavor tastes pathetic
  • Full of chemicals and glucose.




  • Heals muscle cramps
  • Boosts energy
  • Helps to stay in constant ketosis
  • Can be used for cooking and baking
  • Cuts appetite.



  • Has strong chemical flavor
  • Upsets stomach

Source of MCT Oil :

Coconut oil is the healthiest source of these MCTs and thus MCT oil is actually derived from coconuts. Vast research has been made on medium chain fats present in coconut oil and their therapeutic properties are also explored.

As MCTs help you to maintain your normal metabolism, so it can be consumed wholly through MCT oil. Other sources that have some supply of MCTs are as follow:

When do you need Best MCT Oil?

In regular diet

An individual needs to add MCT oil in his diet when he feels helpless to follow regular exercise schedules during his busy routines as this oil is a key to weight loss through fat burn as per various research and case study. It can be easily mixed in some sorts of eatables like coffee, smoothies, shakes etc in order to be consumed. So an obese person needs not to give spare time as it can be conveniently taken through salads as well.

To help with Food Cravings :

In case you are fed up of your food cravings that are leading to increase in weight, It will help by making you feel full for longer period of time thus depressing your appetite and aiding in weight loss

Promotes Metabolic Rate :

MCT oil does not allow fat accumulation and do not force the body to spend energy for the breakdown of its MCTs thus restoring energy for brain while promoting metabolic rate.

For Digestive Issues

A person suffering from any sort of digestive issues like gallbladder infection must replace the usual oil with MCT oil in cooking. The ease with which MCTs content of MCT oil get digested help to cope with various absorption issues.

When you want to avoid dullness :

MCT oil is an awesome source to energize you for the whole day. If one feels dullness in his routine activities then MCT oil is the best remedy to make him alert, active and focused towards his job.

Given information about qualities and properties of various MCT oils by different brands concludes that above mentioned products boost your energy level, upgrade your stamina and enhances your focus and clarity. They can be consumed with high level of ease and work best in terms of weight loss. However, every product has some pros and cons that help you to select the brand according to your physical and mental state. Addition of MCT oils in regular routines gives you productive outcome as it is a healthy and profound item. So step ahead and try to bring dramatic changes in your lives.

The benefits of MCT oil are as follows.

Doesn’t irritate people with infections :

MCT oil does not irritate people with compromised digestive system that may include gallbladder infections and other malabsorption issues as it gets easily absorbed in the bloodstream through gastrointestinal tract.

Increases body energy :

It also restores body energy by not requiring bile secretion as other oils urge bile to get secreted from liver and gall bladder for emulsification. In this way bile gets restored in the gallbladder to be utilized for high fat meals.

Fatty Acids

Not every fatty acid is bad and these fatty acids show potential in maintaining healthy weight and diminishing fat storage, as per the observation in more than 25 studies referenced here.

Helps you in loosing weight :

If you need to lose extra body fat then must start focusing on MCT oil as it increases satiety and promotes metabolic rate thus enhancing fat burn while making you feel full. Meanwhile it also degrades your food cravings thus stopping you from cakes and pastries. MCTs also do not allow fat deposition through their regulated thermogenesis.

They also promote the production of ketones specifically if you are not following a ketogenic diet. They function as ketogenic fats through their heating effects and have the potential to provide energy even if you are not consuming good amount of carbohydrates.

Medium chain fatty acids present in MCT oil contribute towards maintaining your gut environment by operating against fatal bacteria, fungi and other viruses. They destroy great number of strains and pathogenic bacteria that are the root causes of constipation, diarrhea, food poisoning and other digestive disorders.

“The Bullet Proof Diet”. The Bulletproof Diet, written by Dave Asprey, is a dietary approach for rapid and fast weight reduction whichthat recommends you receive 50–70 percent of your energy from healthy fats, especially from MCT oil and similar to them.

MCT oils are loaded with antioxidant properties and cure inflammation thus aid in improving cardiac health and hinder fat accumulation also.

Psychology Today suggests that by using MCT oil for 50% of your calories, you could eat a 1.2:1:1 fat:carb:protein diet

It enhances mental development by the optimal supply of fatty acids to the brain which act as fuel for cognitive progress. MCTs hurriedly get transferred across blood-brain barrier and get oxidized by brain. They provide fuel to brain through generation of ketones as well. MCT oil helps your mind to behave sharply, actively and energetically.

It also balances your hormone levels and lifts your mood as well.

The fat-soluble nutrients from other foods also get easily absorbed by MCFA(medium chain fatty acid) content of MCT oil.

According to some experts, MCTs work like carbohydrates as they enrich body with immediate energy supply. However in contrast to carbohydrates, MCTs do not raise blood sugar level or insulin level that leads to diabetes.

Coconut Oil vs MCT Oil

This video will explain key benefits features and differences between both oils.

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Conclusion and Final Ending on Best MCT Oil in 2019

This was the list on best mct oil powders we have find in the market. The list is prepared after countless testings, reading different expert opinions online and after going through extensive research on different customer reviews.

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