5 Exercises to Make your Back and Neck Stronger-2023- Tip And Tricks

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

5 Exercises to Make your Back and Neck Stronger

Back and neck issues are very common. Most of the people working for long hours on chair face this problem. It is because of the simple reason that they do not stretch out but continuously stick to their chairs. This results in back and neck pain which sometimes can become unbearable. That is why it is necessary to follow some form of exercises which are good for your neck, back and shoulders. If your back is fit you will not face any problems and will definitely feel the difference.

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But now a question arises as which kind of exercise should be done for back and neck.

Here are the 5 simple exercises to make your neck and back stronger

Neck rotation –

The first exercise is for your neck and it is the neck rotation. For this tie your head with the help of a band so that rotation can be done easily. Now turn your head away from the band, wait for some time and then move back to the original position. This rotation has to be done a couple of times for a strong neck.

Neck way machine –

Neck and back exercises can be done on the neck way machine as well. Getting used to the machine may take a little time but you can perform a number of exercises that will help your neck as well as the back. So if you are looking for the best workout for your neck, this can definitely prove helpful.

Superman exercise –

This one is ideal for your back and helps to keep it straight as well as strong. This exercise basically targets your lower back and if done in the right way you can definitely feel the difference. Lie on your stomach and keep the back straight. Now move your hands and legs up to maintain an equilibrium. And say there for some time. Now return back and follow the same.

Ball Plank –

The medicine ball is really effective for both neck and back pain. What you need to do is try kneeling down on the ball by holding it tight. Stretch your legs in a way that your hands too come in a straight line. Ensure your shoulders are straight and firm. Maintain this position for the next few seconds and release. Repeat the same.

Mid-back extension –

Last exercise that you can try for your back is the mid extension which helps in strengthening your mid-back. This is somewhat similar to the superman exercise but with a difference that you just hold your head up and not the legs. It is helpful for the back and the shoulders. For this, you need to put pressure on your chest which in turn affects the stomach and back.

Remember exercise is one thing, how do you sleep is another aspect, I always recommend to use a neck pillow along with the exercise to make it more effective.

So if you wish to overcome your back and neck pain then these exercises are really good. If you perform them on a regular basis you will definitely feel the difference. Try these simple exercises in your home and perform the workout for the desired effect.

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