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Handheld Back Massager Reviews – (December 2017) – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

handheld back messager
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(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

handheld back messager

Handheld Back Massager have recently garnered immense popularity throughout the times. They have been the companions of people who are not able to afford time and get proper massages by going to massage parlours.

Handheld back massagers are efficient, effective, durable and more reliable. They can be carried anywhere, and can be used discreetly, without worrying about going anywhere else. Today, we will be exploring some of the best handheld back massagers that are available to purchase in 2017. However, before that, let’s explore what is aHandheld Back Massager and what can it do?

What is Handheld Back Massager?

Handheld Back Massager is a personal small messaging tool that can be easily bought anywhere today. They are incredibly useful for people who are suffering from muscle knots and spasms, and which cannot be released by hand stimulation. Please keep in mind that they are different from neck massagers and they work completely in a different way than those neck massagers.

Each time a person suffers from a muscle pain or backache, the first remedy you would wish to have is a personal massager.Handheld Back Massager can prove to be a wonderful tool for irritated backaches. Thank to the latest technologies today, personalHandheld Back Massager have become more effective than any other alternative. The new massage technology focuses on the vibration energy of the massager, rather than in your hands, which relives your stress better, without putting in much effort.

What is Handheld Back Massager?

Handheld back massagers are specifically designed to relieve the stress of backaches. Today, a majority portion of people suffer from backaches. To get rid of these pains, a handheld back massager is used.

What is so special in Handheld back massagers?

They are specifically designed to reach all regions of your back. Most of the time, we are not able to access our back with our hands.

Handheld back massagers are made keeping this thing in mind, and they usually have a great reach. They are integrated with the latest technology, so you do not have to move your hand, the machine will do the massage for you.

Why Use Handheld Back Massager?

In this busy world, everyone is suffering from body ache. Everyone wishes to have a massage once in a while, but due to the busy schedule of one’s life, no one has enough time to get a massage. In these cases, handheld back massagers are particularly beneficial.

People love this great machine, as they are discreet and compact. No one will ever know you are using a handheld back massager. Most of the popular massagers today provide oscillating vibrations and soothing effect, whenever you wish to ease tension, feel good or relax.


Product NameFree ShippingRatingsMy RecommendationsPrice
Ohuhu Double Head Handheld Electric Massager Percussion Action for Deep KneadingYes4.4/5Check Price
WAHL 4290-300 Deep Tissue Percusion MassagerYes4.2/5Check Price
HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action MassagerYes4.0/5Check Price
Homedics PM-50 Hand Held Mini Massager with Hand Grip, Battery Operated (Color May Vary)Yes3.8/5Check Price

Here we are providing reviews for few products  according to customer’s experience.

List of Best HandHeld Back Massagers in 2018

[Best Handheld Back Massager]

Homedics PM-50 Hand Held Mini Massager


The Homedics PM-50 Hand held mini massager is a great tool if you wish to get a massager that is easy to hold and store. It is compact, and comfortable to use, and can be purchased in an affordable price.

It can be taken anywhere you want, and it comes in three different colors, which can fancy some people. Despite that, a few issues, which can be overcome pretty easily if you can adjust are that you must continuously hold the “ON” button to use it. While it is well-made, it does not feel as durable as it should due to the plastic.


  • Due to its size, it is easy to store. Can be held in the hand easily, and is compact.
  • The “feet” of this massager makes it comfortable and better to use.
  • Affordable Price


  • Must continuously hold the “ON” button in order to turn on the vibration. If you stop holding the button, the massagers turn on, which is quite a hassle.
  • Once used for a few minutes, the engine start emitting a smell like the engine has started to burn up. It smells like burning hot plastic.

[Best Handheld Back Massager on Budget]

WAHL 4290-300 Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

The WAHL Deep Tissue Percusion Massager is a pretty decent one, and can be the choice for you. It offers all features that a person might want from a Handheld Back Massager. It feels comfortable to hold, offer full-range adjustable speed for customizability. A sleek design that can reach almost anywhere.

Four different kinds of “heads” provide much wider ranges of options. It can efficiently relax the body. This is unarguably the best massager for whom budget is not a problem. However, it could be a bit better if there was a heating head.


  1. Has a good reach and can reach most areas.
  2. Quite powerful with a full-range adjustable speed.
  3. Sturdy and solid built with adequate weight.
  4. Different kind of “heads” provide various different kind of massage types.


  1. Can be a bit costly
  2. Does not heat up. There are no heating heads.
  3. It vibrates awkwardly when tilted from full contact with your body.


[High End Handheld Back Massager] 

HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

The HoMedics massager is optimized to perform peak performance. It as a well-defined cord length, and its design allows the user to comfortably reach all body parts. It has dual pivoting heads and can very well perform the percussion action, however, it would be good if it could also offer something else. It also has a variable speed control, which is a pleasant thing for people who want customizable speed.

It might give a ticklish feeling after a few minutes of usage. Hands may feel numb after using it continuously.


  • A good design to reach out on all areas of your back and other parts of the body.
  • Head functions is optimized and works well enough.
  • A good cord length
  • Does percussion action good enough


  • After using for a few minutes, it gives you a tickling feeling.
  • Your hand might feel numb after continuously using it.
  • Only has a percussion action


[Best Handheld Massager on Budget]

Ohuhu Double Head Handheld Electric Massager

Comes with a variety of different “heads” for different massaging options. It has adjustable speed for a personalized experience. Can be gripped easily, without have it slip. Features double head for a better soothing experience. It is incredibly easy to use and turn on.

The top of the massager is somewhat heavy and not light weight. The handle can be uncomfortable for people, as it is large. It may also feel a bit bulky, and can apply unreliable pressure at bone areas. The cord length is fine, but it could be better.


  • Comes with adjustable speed
  • Easy to grip with a non-slip grip
  • Double headed
  • Removable Heads
  • Easy to turn on


  • Cord is of medium length
  • No rotation while vibration
  • May hurt bone areas
  • May feel bulky
  • Handle is uncomfortably large
  • Top is heavy, making it heavyweight

Final Verdict on Handheld Back Massager

This was the list of handheld back massager. However you need to keep in mind that using them continuously for longer periods of time is not recommend as your body might get used to them and after some time they may not bring good results, additionally i strongly recommend to follow the instructions which come with the device.

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