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This article basically focuses on the discovery of an effective treatment for toenail fungus, a problem which many people think is not a major one, but it has the ability to ruin our lives. The article focuses on the invention of Urgent fungus destroyer pills. The pills came into existence when Doctor James Larson, a physician from United states with almost 27 years of medicine practice, encountered this disease. His liver got damaged because of the fungus medicines prescribed by doctors and he was not only affected himself, but his granddaughter was also badly affected. He got helpless despite being a doctor. He had treated so many diseases from diabetes to flu, cancer etc. but he couldn’t do anything for himself. This is when he decided to find a solution for this disease and in so doing the Urgent fungus destroyer pills came into existence. Dr James has illustrated all the problem and solution in a video that he uploaded on some mediums.



Nail fungus, which is also known as onychomycosis, is a very common problem among the various problems of the finger or toenail. This fungus is made of mold, which can enter the nail through any crack or cut. It begins as a yellow or white spot under the nail and can go deep inside the nail causing color changes, also nail breakage and thickening. It can pose serious risks to the people who are diabetic or immunocompromised. This infection is more

common among the people who are above 60 years of age. Nail fungus is contagious and should be treated right away. It does not go away on its own says a podiatric doctor to fox news.  Wet surfaces encourage the growth so, when wearing shoes for a long-time, feet often become sweaty thus leading to the growth of fungus. This also occurs when people walk bare footed around moist areas, e.g., locker rooms or swimming pools, moist places, and it can spread quickly from one person to another through skin-to-skin contact.

Another common problem is the Ingrown toenails. This occurs when the corner of the nail grows into the skin of the toe. The main cause of this condition is either injury or improper cutting of the nail. Nail crowding, which occurs because of tights shoes, can also lead to ingrown nails. This condition is painful and results in swollen area, redness or even infection.


Background-How does it spread and existing treatments:


  • Dr Gary Pichney from Mercy Medical Center was invited for a program “Sunday House” at fox news. He said that Toe fungus is a lot more contagious as compared to many diseases that people think are severe. Fungus breads easily on many areas like in linen bed sheets, spas, floor areas near shower etc. It has been mentioned in a documentary that most of the people are scared by herpes, but toe fungus is a lot more severe than that because herpes lives on flesh only, but fungus lives on many moist surfaces. The spores can also spread through breathing.
  • Nail problems are so common that another Dr says to fox news that there is 75-page book that lists nail problems. Fungus spreads quite rapidly.
  • Marc, another doctor, answered some questions to fox news in which one was that if a person has toenail fungus should he/she worry about it and does this infection indicate that something wrong is going in the body? He said simply putting some cream on the affected area won’t work that well because creams cannot penetrate that deeply. Medicines called Lamisil and Sporanox when given, liver function should also be checked as these medicines can lead to a toxic liver. These are the prescription medicines for nail fungus, also, you need to take blood count every 3 months while taking these medicines.



Dr James Larson, the man behind urgent fungus destroyer, describes how he was affected by fungus. Within weeks the fungus started spreading. He took Lamisil tube, but it was not affecting at all. He had trouble breathing as well. He couldn’t sleep for nights because he had severe itching. He took antibiotics which he thought were required, but they were not affecting. He was then given another round of antibiotics by a foot specialist and these medicines affected his liver and he had to be taken to the hospital. He later found out that the treatment of toe fungus involves high risk of liver failure because the medicines directly affect the liver. He was also told that the fungus has spread a lot and he would have leg amputation if this did not settle.

Dr. James Larson’s granddaughter developed a severe face infection because of fungus as it had transferred from him to her. After this and hearing about his leg amputation, he was so much disturbed that he wanted to find a solution for it. Upon getting some information from the doctor who was treating him, he visited a person who was a lab technologist of an anti-fungal company.

Dr. James had heard rumors about some existing treatment which was being hidden as the anti-fungal companies were being controlled by some corporations who were generating a huge amount i.e., 13 billion dollars in a year through people getting sick with this infection. So, they did not want this contagious disease to settle with a treatment that would be comparatively low cost and quick as this would result in a huge loss for them. The lab tech gave him some hidden documents to see if something could help, but he gave them on the condition of maintaining confidentiality.

Dr. James, along with the help of his team started working upon formulating something that could be natural and cost effective and a quick remedy for this highly infectious and deadly disease. Dr. James went through a procedure of three months tests and research and found out certain herbs, foods and other natural ingredients that could help save people from this infection. Finally, he was able to make a formula form the natural ingredients which when he tried on his own self, all his symptoms (including itching, discoloration of nails, foul smell) begin to clear up within days. He gave the pills to his granddaughter then and after 3 days her infection stopped spreading, after 4 more days, the symptoms began to clear up. It totally disappeared on the 13th day and the child could also breathe properly.

After this Dr. James felt that he had an obligation and that was to serve the Public. He had experienced the pain himself and wanted to help the maximum people he could.



So, after the hard work and dedication of Dr. James a natural source of treating the toenail fungus was finally there. These pills had the ability to destroy the infection from the root. The ingredients used by him were tested by several doctors from ivy league and they have been proved to be 100% effective.




The step-by-step procedure of treatment:

  1. The ingredients directly enter the blood stream and are immediately absorbed i.e., within minutes, due to their high quality. Total ingredients are 20 and they are claimed to be the best by Dr. James.
  2. Beta Glucan which is a very strong probiotic is combined with a Japanese mushroom complex also known as the fungus killer. This combination focuses on the location of fungus and binds to the sites that have the main buildup of fungus inside the body. Travelling through the veins very efficiently, it kills the large deposits of fungus in the areas that have been clogged for years and because of which people report breathing problems, high blood pressures etc.
  • A combination of Garlic, cumin and cat’s claw reach and attack the fungus that is flowing freely in the bloodstream. They purify the blood thus increasing the deteriorated oxygen levels.
  1. Quercetin and lycopene work together to rebuild the cells that are damaged. At the same time, Olive oil and pomegranate extracts act on the areas below the skin of feet and hands.
  2. Pine bark, graviola and selenium act to build up the defense for future.
  3. High quality vitamin E, vitamin C and red raspberry juice act as internal purifiers and filters to prevent infection when people inhale the spores of fungus from the air. The toxic air is mostly the main cause of fungus growth in the body.



When all the above-mentioned ingredients enter your body, the skin heals, and the body becomes purified in the following manner:

  1. Skin becomes tight and elastic again as it regenerates
  2. The discolored nails will start regaining their natural color and all the yellow, brown color will go away. The toenails that are broken and damaged will regrow as they are plenished with very fine vitamins.
  • Your body’s defense mechanism against fungus will become stronger. The breathes you will take will be purified before they go deep inside your body. The body will become fungus free.
  1. There are no side effects, no liver damage, and other problems that resulted from using other medicines for the cure of fungus.


Reaching out the public:

Dr James along with his team went on to further test this on the public. They accomplished this through various laboratories, chemists and doctors across the world. The results were amazing as people from all backgrounds and age groups reported relief from the fungal infections. Even the elderly, who had this problem for more than 30 years, they also reported complete cure.

Dr James described that he never had thought that fungal infection would have that much impact on his life. He had always been cautious of the other major problems like heart disease, lung disease etc., but never thought that a fungal infection can be this much dangerous.




Initially he wanted to provide the medicine free of cost to all who watched his video that he uploaded on YouTube etc., but it wasn’t possible because:

  • High quality ingredients were being used and so the manufacturing costs were high.
  • If he gave it free to everyone, even those who do not have the need will start using it because its free. The news will spread all over the social media and then the big pharmaceutical companies will demand to close the website.
  • The pharmaceutical companies will never like this medicine to be promoted free because as mentioned above, this would cause them a huge loss as they would have to promote their products with heavy marketing just to let down this product because they would earn more when more and more people will remain sick.

So, he decided to provide a price that could be affordable so maximum people could use it. The price he set was $179.99 for a whole month’s supply and initially he gave it at discount of $69.95 for a limited time.

Dr James further states that this price is worth it and the medicine can save you from this deadly infection. One should make a quick response to a problem like this, and this medicine should be the decision as he guarantees the recovery. He further stated that if one does not feel recovery within the first 90 days, there is a money back guarantee without any queries.



In his video, Dr. James mentioned the reviews he received form various customers. They are:

  • Moses Landry from Michigan said that he had been battling with toe fungus for 18 years and wasn’t able to find a cure. After using urgent fungus destroyer for a month, he has seen a miraculous recovery.
  • Megan Kimberton from New York said that not only she but her whole family was benefitted from the urgent fungus destroyer. The medicine destroyed the fungus completely.
  • Corey Johns from Colorado said before using this product, he thought that the symptoms of nail fungus would kill him but after using the product, all his symptoms were gone. He was highly satisfied.
  • Tony Morris from Missouri wrote that he had been taking Lamisil for the treatment of toe fungus but the side effects he experienced were very severe. Along with toe fungus he started having diarrhea, headaches, nausea, itching and skin rash. But after using urgent fungus destroyer despite having doubts about it, within 3 weeks the fungus was destroyed.



As the article describes the journey of Dr James from being affected by fungus severely to reaching to its solution, the people suffering from this deadly disease would definitely want to try this solution i.e., the urgent fungus destroyer. Dr James Larson runs a website through which people from all over the world can order this product and through his video, he tried to convince people to try it once rather than leading a miserable life because of this infection. Many people have used it and given positive

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