Upper Spine Stretches- Best Stretches For spine- June 2023

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upper spine stretches

upper spine stretches

Thanks to the bad posture that kicks in the back pain, and when it does, there is nothing easy that is gonna bring you relief.

But it is not viable to live with such back pain, and you cannot really bear its intensity.

However, the callout to the doctors seems the only available solution. But the good thing is, you can very well take care of back pain relief all by yourself.

This has been becoming a common problem all around America. Sticking to the computer screens for hours after hours, and the trend of work-from-home burst out after the COVID outbreak.

The back pain does not only impact the neck but can also swing out affecting the mood and brain function.

To deal with the situation, we have some notable and working upper back stretches for back pain relief ready to woo away the pain.

upper spine stretches for Back Pain Relief

We never want to have anyone experiencing back pain, but you know what? It has been common around the world due to our ‘improved and progressive’ lifestyle.

You are reading this on the computer or mobile phone; that is the prime concern of experiencing the worst back pain.

Sitting at the computer desk all day long even at home or back in the office, you cannot skip experiencing the intensity of back pain.

And when you have no time after counting your day completely, sleeping with the back pain then doubles its intensity, making it the toughest challenge to cope with it.

But do not worry at all — we have some awesome upper back stretches for back pain relief which you can process while at your work desk.

So, no more going out and asking for external help to deal with the back pain relief while you can do it all by yourself.

What Actually Causes Back Pain?

 Weight lifting 

If you are not prone to weight lifting and it just has been a few days hitting the gym — get ready to hit with back pain.

Please, do not get inspired by the gym colleagues lifting heavyweight. Or the embossed posters on the wall featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. They did weightlifting for years, and you only entered into it just yesterday.

Being Overweight:

Oh no! How much do you weigh? Over 170+ lbs? Man! You are overweight. Walking and moving with such a weight, and then sitting with a big fat tummy will put a lot of pressure on your back which may trigger back pain for sure.

But we are only talking about ‘overweight’ and not ‘obese’. Being obese is one step forward in the overweight category which doubles the impact; obesity and frequent-unbearable back pain where nothing would work other than shedding the weight.


One of the worst sitting postures, and sadly it is the common one followed by the majority of desk-worms a.k.a., the employees who dedicate their whole life sitting in front of desks.

Especially the ones who work online from the office or home and stay in front of the computers who never check the time on the wall clock for hours.

The slouching puts extreme pressure on your back which can result in triggering the pain if not today then tomorrow.

Ruptured Discs:

The spine is supported by the vertebra which is additionally cushioned by the disks allowing you to peacefully move around. And the ruptured disks can prevail pressures on the nerves causing back pain.

Not Exercising:

Since not everyone is indulged in going regular exercise; this is another reason for creating back pain.

Muscle Spasm:

Most of the time the muscle spasm happens due to indulging in activities you are not used to. Like playing sports and doing exercise, the initiation of back pain is common in these conditions and will come to relieve itself after a few days, but the thing is you should not stop doing that activity.

Standing and Sitting:

While these two are good to get relaxation, standing and sitting for long periods can also cause back pain to kick in.

Long Uninterrupted Drive:

How far have you gone driving without taking a break? We are not saying 1-2 hours of drive time. Expect something between 4 to 6 hours without turning off the engine even for a minute.


Sleeping on one side, an uneven mattress, and putting your neck on a rough pillow can also cause it to happen. Also, sleep disorders can also contribute to making you feel the mild-to-severe intensity of back pain.

Multiple Infections:

Several sorts of infections can also initiate back pain. Infections from kidney, spine, bladder, pelvic inflammatory, shingles, and more.

How to Treat Back Pain Relief Using Upper Back Stretches

And you know what exactly we are to unfold in treating back pain using upper back stretches.

1- Shoulder Shrugs — The Instant Back Pain Reliever

The tension around muscles keeps your neck not just stiff but can send it down to the back causing the pain felt while seated or standing.

So, the shoulder shrugs can instantly relieve the pain out your back by following simple-to-follow shoulder shrugs exercise.

How to Do Shoulder Shrugs

  • Stand or sit, whichever way you are convenient
  • Keep your feet staying on the ground flat
  • Firmly straighten your back
  • Get your arms to hang down to your sides
  • Inhale and hold the breath when your shoulder reaches the higher level, keep them squeezed for about two seconds
  • Exhale the breath when you release the shoulder
  • Keep repeating this shoulder shrug exercise 8 to 10 times per set, and you would eventually feel the difference!

2- Neck Rolls — Let’s Crack the Cramps

We personally love the neck rolls and the countless benefits it comes with.

And the neck rolls are nowhere hard to repeat.

How to Do Neck Rolls

  • Sit back on the chair relax and free
  • Place your hands on the lap and then lean your right ear on your right shoulder
  • Keep your back straight and then start moving your chin towards the chest
  • Now bring the head up to the level your left ear meets the left shoulder
  • Take your neck to roll and move to the right shoulder which completes the neck rolls’ cycle
  • Keep doing that for 5 to 10 minutes in one direction, and you can then repeat the same in the opposite direction

3- Shoulder Rolls —upper spine stretches

That one heck of easy to do!

How to Do Shoulder Rolls

  • Sit straight
  • Start rolling the shoulders up and down in a circle
  • If you started in the back direction, let’s repeat the same in the forward direction.
  • Keep doing the shoulder roll up to 5 times in both directions and you would feel the vehement difference!

4- Butterfly Wings — Feel the Difference in Neck and Back with One Exercise

Yeah, literally feel the good difference in cracking the neck cramps and relieving the back pain with one exercise!

How to Do Butterfly Wings

  • Sit over the chair in straight form
  • Take your fingertips reaching your both shoulders
  • Point the elbows out to the sides
  • Exhale while keeping your fingers on top of your shoulders and start pulling the elbows gently towards your front and to the extent, they get to touch both of them
  • Breathe out when you open the elbows
  • Keep repeating this butterfly wings exercise for up to 8 to 10 times in one stretch to feel different!

The Last Bits!

These 4 super-easy upper back stretches for back pain relief are really the pain relievers!

And the good thing is, you can practice those exercises without leaving your office room (and sometimes the work chair.)

Analyze how long you sit, keep doing any one of the time to time to shred the chances of producing back pain.

Understand the fact, this has been taking intensity due to our cluttered lifestyle which we cannot leave aside.

Seriously stating, practice these every single day to avoid getting into trouble!

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