Are Waist Trainers Safe?

As far as we get learned about temporary and long term benefits of using waist trainers for men along with the information of their types and other related characteristics, we should not forget to consider risks related to waist training as well. In this case, the right key to use training corsets is to follow a safe and proper procedure to avoid expected disadvantages.

Due to common misconception about waist training for females, it is not considered a suitable and healthy way of weight loss by health specialists and is mostly suggested for spinal support, posture correction and to get instant hourglass contour. To attain maximum benefits, a person intending to do waist training must be sufficiently educated about the appropriate way to use such corsets in order to prevent oneself from assumed risks.

Without a doubt, the practise of using waist trimmers have grown over time and majority of it’s users are women.

The worn corset must give you a sensation of hug instead of a pinching feeling. Adjustable trainers offer you some space that makes a corset to fit comfortably at your abdominal area. However, new users are the definite victims of interrupted breathing, stomach, liver and lungs’ compression and malfunctioning of kidneys and intestines. Other problems faced by non-learned users are decreased abdominal muscle tone, atrophy of the abdominal walls and visceral displacement.

“Squishing your abdominal organs — such as your liver, kidneys and intestines — can decrease their blood flow and function,” states Dr. Thomas. “Your organs are also pushed upward, reducing lung capacity while making breathing more difficult and certainly unsafe for exercise”.

“Some women have actually passed out from wearing one for too long”, claims Christopher Ochner, a Ph.D., weight loss and nutrition specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital.

waist trainer before and after

Due to these adverse problems, wearing a training corset very tightly and for prolonged time is not at all a suggested option. Intensified training and wearing wrong sized fitness garments are the major sources of numerous above mentioned complexities.

In short, trainers do not affect your internal midsection negatively until or unless they are used according to recommended terms and conditions and there is an abrupt answer to the question that “yes, they are safe if used safely”.  Using a training corset is not at all an unhealthy and dangerous activity and it depends entirely on your usage that makes it dangerous.

However, these waist trainers, also known as waist cinchers, either they help you in weight loss or not is another conversation but it is confirmed by several theories that waist trainers are resourceful in redistributing your body fat instead of burning it.

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